Thursday, September 17, 2009

Noordin M Top Finally Got Shot in Solo

Noordin M Top, the most wanted terrorist in Southeast Asia finally got shot in Solo, Central Java. Noordin has been the most wanted target by Indonesian Police for about 9 years. The Chief of Indonesian Police Department (KaPolri) Bambang Hendarso Danuri also said, Noordin is Qoid Tandzim for SouthEast Asia, one of the most important Man in Al Qaeda for SouthEast Asia including Ibrohim, one of dead terorist on raiding in Temanggung.
Kapolri said in certain that according to forensic reports, it found that at least 11 points of similar finger print on both right and left in the body, Kapolri explained, the forensic team found 14 similar points that meet to Noordin M Top characteristics.

Police spokesman Nanan Soekarna said that police took action against seven suspected members of a terrorist group, suspected of involvement in deadly July hotel bombings in Jakarta. "Four were killed and one person at the scene, the woman, survived and is being treated at a hospital in Solo," Soekarna said.
Meanwhile, one of the founder and activist in Mer-C, Jose Rizal disappointed for raiding action taken by police in Kepuh Sari, Mojosongo, Solo. In his opinion, Densus 88 with their specialized skills should avoid dead and injured victims in Solo raiding. "We ll have Iedul Fitri Celebration next 3 days, but the raider squad use offensive ways in getting rid of the terorists. Furthermore, one of the victims is a pregnant mother", said Jose Rizal on Rakyat Merdeka Online. 
Jose Rizal added, no fault if Polri use soft technic in raiding, without overoffensive sothat the suspects could be pulled out in safe. Polri have huge powerand stronger than peoples in raiding. Is that the main procedur in raiding ? said the doctor who specialized in curing people in war.

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Great News, hopefully there are no more bombing again in your country dear...

Tks 4 ur comment. I hope so..

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