Friday, October 2, 2009

Proud to be Solonese

As much as 10.000 one who wear batik clothes will do carnival Solo, saturday (3/10), to celebrate indonesia batik inauguration as world culture heritage in octobers 2nd,2009 by unesco.

" This carnival takes the theme Solo paint world, so that all the entrants must wear batik coat, and so do the onlooker so that through the street slamet riyadi that the carnival arena can be human ocean that dress batik, " said art tourism official head and city culture surakarta drs purnomo subagia in Solo, thursday.

Carnival will be followed all government either private element,  in Solo, belong intermediate small industry (ukm) whom run business  in batik sector and other.

Carnival not only display culture attraction that wear batik costume,  but also will be followed batik entrepreneur  begin from ukm until big industrial, to mark that batik is Indonesian original culture and also as economic resources for indonesian.

" So batik not only as economic resources but existing type in that batik cloth also contain philosophy of life for indonesian especially javanese ones, " word purnomo.

In Solo, batik has been there since  mataram kingdom age,  and now bloom with assortedly kind and type appropriate period movement.

" This carnival also will involve  batik carnival  entrant held few months ago and they now design special clothing that is made from batik that involve batik clothing designers in Solo, " he said.

The main street slamet riyadi will be closed at 14: 00,  and carnival pacification involves at least 403 person consist of policemans, tni, satpol pp,  and linmas. Watcher prohibited to trample park exist in roadside.

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