Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brainwave Generator, Software for Self Hipnosis

Are you loosing your focus / awareness today ? Or You wanna enhance your brain productivity ? Don't worry guys, I ve got a special software for you, and of course its totally 100% free.  Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Generator take you to the state of mind you want.
The sound and visual stimulation functions of BrainWave Generator help you :
  • prepare for stressful situations or challenging tasks
  • improve learning results
  • alleviate sleeping problems and headaches 
Meditation, is one way to get rid of your bad habits
Meditation and relaxation capabilities of BrainWave Generator may help to get rid of some bad habits:
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit drinking
  • Lose weight
This is because habits such as smoking and excessive drinking or eating are often unconscious ways to control one's feelings and moods, for example, to alleviate anxiety. This is especially true in the case of drinking, as alcohol changes one's state of mind quite noticeably and can create an illusion of relaxation.

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