Monday, November 29, 2010

Block Sites Without Using any Software (Facebook, Friendster, Ads, etc)

This is how I block facebook site without any software.
Find out file "hosts"
Note: file has no extension

Fill in under the bottom line with this :
So,everytime you open up your browser for facebook, it will be blank ( unable to search)
You can also change with any useful website such as . So when you open  facebook sites, you will be redirected to radiorodja (but this trick will be suspected by user)

Then close the notepad and click save. Now try to refresh your web browsers, and Facebook will be appeared as unavailable since we have already block the computer from accessing the web address. You also can use this trick to block your computer from accessing other website.
In case you wanted to login back to Facebook, all you have to do is delete back all the codes above and your computer will be able to access Facebook web address again.

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