Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Ebook : Fundamentals of Electric Circuit 4th Edition

Title     : Fundamentals of Electric Circuit 4th Edition
Authors : Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N.O. Sadiku
Size      : 15.5 MB
Content :
Part 1 DC Circuits
Chapter 1 Basic Concepts
Chapter 2 Basic Laws
Chapter 3 Methods of Analysis
Chapter 4 Circuits Theorems
Chapter 5 Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 6 Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 7 First-Order Circuits
Chapter 8 Second-Order Circuits
Part 2 AC Circuits
Chapter 9 Sinusoids and Phasors
Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis
Chapter 11 AC Power Analysis
Chapter 12 Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter 13 Magnetically Coupled Circuits
Chapter 14 Frequency Response
Part 3 Advance d Circuits Analysis
Chapter 15 Introduction to the Laplace Transform
Chapter 16 Applications of the Laplace Transform
Chapter 17 The Fourier Series
Chapter 18 Fourier Transform
Chapter 19 .Two-Port Networks

Download Ebook Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 4th Edition



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