Monday, December 21, 2009

My Resurrection

I dont know what to do, but I ve got a passion 2 update diz messy blog. Slow but sure, I let my finger dancing on the keyboard arranging sum words, that I thing its all bout nonsense. Inspite of dreaming bout shit, I think its better 2 stimulate my head 2 update its 'software'. Holding my own intuition, I finally rise diz post entitled "My Resurrection". Hmm...Sounds like Tupac Albums name? But that just what I thought. Ups, Maybe my head had a lil bit dizzy. But Im pretty sure that diz post s gonna lead next post one step ahead better.

Sometym we laugh out of control, and sumtym we had been down 4 sum trivial things that it shouldn't be. Life goes on, just lyk day changes into night. Sometimes we cant stand when the condition didnt meet what we expected. But we should believe, the God up there has drawn a good plan 4 us. Its all up to you guys...

Warmest regards from Sragen...

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hey sahabat, aku punya award untuk Anda, sebagai tanda persahabatan kami.
Saya harap Anda bersedia menerima dan berbagi penghargaan ini untuk blog yang Anda teman-teman lain .... terima kasih.
silakan ambil disini

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