Monday, February 27, 2012

Free Ebook 151 Quick Ideas To inspire Your Staff

Jerry’s book  offers a  treasury  of  ideas that are immediately usable, actionable, and profitable and that were forged and proven on the battlefields of business competition. Through-out the book and in a variety of ways, Jerry delivers his core message again and again: “Your staff will be no better than the people you hire and the inspiration you give them.”

Another of Jerry Wilson’s truths that underlies this book is about why people do what they do:

Inspiring people is about getting other
people to do, what you want done,
because  they  want  to  do  it.

Leadership is about creating the climate or culture where people are inspired from the inside out. Inspired employees want to see their organization succeed, because it will also lead them to their own personal successes. That is the winning formula: inspiring ordinary people to achieve extraordinary  outcomes.  151 Quick  Ideas  to  Inspire  Your  Staff provides us with the winning strategies that lead employees to that level of commitment.

As you read this book you will discover quick ideas from a man  who  speaks  from  experience,  not  theory.  Jerry  proved these ideas in his own successful business ventures. In addi- tion, they have been tested and proven by thousands of business  and  professional  people  following  Jerry’s  professional presentations to audiences across the United States and Canada, and in numerous foreign countries.

151 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Staff will recharge your battery and excite you, as Jerry has provided not only what to do, but also how to do it. You will be ready and able to inspire your people to give their individual best. You will gain the proper mindset, have the right tools, and be able to practice effective techniques from this treasure trove of good ideas. Jerry taught thousands of people his enthusiastic, inspiring and authentic quick ideas to inspire others—and now it is your turn! Read the book and watch your visions become reality.


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