Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Download Phoenix Service Software 2010.8.4.41526 (Full TESTED)

By Using diz Software, you can upgrade your nokia firmware (supports Nokia CDMA, GSM, TDMA, and WCDMA products).

This Phoenix Service Software installation package includes following SW components:

* Phoenix Service Software 2010.8.4.41526
* DK2 Dongle Driver v
* Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver v
* Flash Update Package 09.050.025
* FLS-x Dongle Driver v 2.09.28

Supported Operating Systems and user rights:

* - Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher
* - When installing Phoenix into Win XP you must have local admin rights.
* - When using Phoenix in Win XP, user must have power user rights.

Changes/improvements made from previous version 2009.34.14.40684:

New products added:
- RM-601, RM-656, RM-657, RM-659, RM-559, RM-610, RM-618, RM-639,RM-632, RM-633, RM-634

Products removed:
- RM-623

New features:

* - Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
* - Flash Update Package 09.050.025
* - Menu item WLAN Auto tune added for E72 product
* - New RF Losses.ini v 47 for auto tune
* - Product Code Change – window is now scalable, SW version information

for variants can now be seen if window is made larger.

Error corrections & changes:

* - Support for FPS-8 and FPS-11 Flash Prommers removed
* - Bluetooth Flasher – menu removed
* - Flash Memory test removed
* - Changes to WLAN UI to support new WLAN component versions
* - Auto tuning components updated to new version
* - Label printing changes to improve handling of older data package configurations. If product has older data package configuration, the user is advised to enable this option from the label printing UI
* - Improvements to Data Package Download. When computer has active internet connection, product code specific SW files are downloaded from Firmware Repository. Please note that the path for downloading files must also be configures to “Options / Product Location” - UI. If paths are not the same, downloaded SW files are not found.
* - Registration error for manual TX power level tuning component corrected.
* - Minor menu Changes for RM-598 and RM-604


9 komentar:

waduh, tobat nggak sanggup download phoenix. cuma pakai modem gprs. siapa yang mau kirim nih, ntar diganti ongkirnya deh.

info Free Download Phoenix Service Software 2010.8.4.41526 sgat keren gan, kalau mau kita tuker link

mudah ga gan menggunakannya?

susah banget makenya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku punya HP type 5530 EM,beberapa hari yang lalu aku install aplikasi Netqin dan Kaspersky, ketika aku pake HP nya Hang keluarga logo Nokia setelah itu ngga ada tampilan selanjutnya, kenapa ya Boss, bisa ngga di perbaiki pake Phoenix. Wassalam

nokia x3.02 di nyalain cmalyar putih g lma mati. bsa bnr g y lw pke phoenix

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