Monday, September 14, 2009

Once Upon A Time in Purworejo

If you think that the title above is about film, you re definitely wrong. But this s bout my story in the past while fasting, ramadhan month in 2006. Old story, but I cant let it gone from my memory, coz its very impresive for me. This is my adventure experience when I worked in a retail company as an Inventory Control. At that time, our team got a duty to check the inventory report at one of outlets around Yogya.

In the way to the spot, suddenly I got a call from the admin officer in Semarang said that the schedule was changed. "Damn, this is crazy, I hv passed 3/4 of the trip to the outlet. As you know, Im fasting right now and the weather is extremely hot, its about 02.15 pm. Im just like a roasted beef here. Purworejo is bout 2 hours from here by riding. Do you get what I mean ? Try to divert that duty to another team,"I said. "No team near to the spot, only your team is closed to the store. If you desert from duty, next month your salary will be cut off and you ll get a recall letter. I hope you get it what I ve just said," admin replied. "Ok, I get it," I said in discomfort. Then I turned back my ride to Purworejo, to perform this shit.

At night, we started to count the inventory in the store. The job was very wearing, but it was over at 02.00 am. Afterwards, we had supper meal for fasting in the Alun-alun Purworejo, a larger yard in the heart of city, then I layed on the grass of Alun-alun, then slept beauty. I was shocked when I got up, a ball was kicked and hit my body. Oh my goodness, it was 08.30 am and the yard was crowded by students who playing soccer. I was shy, then I run into the store.

Another funny story came from my friend who slept in the corner of store. After he had supper meal, he slept in a path of store where customers passing the path while picking out the merchandises in shelves. He got up from his dream when a customer screaming and shaking her leg hit his body coz my friend grabbed hold her leg while he was in dreaming. None woke him up yet coz most shopkeeper stil  sleepy for hardwork last night and there's only  a cashier served the first customer in the morning. Everyone in the store laughting at him and mocked him as  an obscent guy. That was terrible thing that I ve eva heard of him.

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